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“We’re Gonna Have the Hap- Hap- Happiest Christmas.”

Thanksgiving is over and preparing for The Christmas season is on the “to do” list.  This means getting our “Clark Griswold impersonations on”, decorating our house in and out with lights, bulbs and other decorative items. But the house doesn’t have to be the only thing you decorate. Be the Clark of your neighborhood with these tips on how to decorate your car with Christmas lights.


Obviously we all know that our car batteries store electricity, but the precise amount of juice is 12 volts of direct current.  This means that the conventional Christmas lights are not compatible to your vehicle.  Sure you could shop around and find 12 volt led Christmas lights, but they are extremely expensive.  There is a better way with just using the traditional 110 volt alternative current lights.


To get the change From Direct current to Alternative current you will need an inverter.  It’s an electrical piece that you can buy at hardware stores.  Warning: an inverter is not a converter.  That device does the opposite, don’t buy a converter! If you want to maximize the options to brighten up your car, We advise you to use the 1500 watts. The inverter is a bit on the pricier side, but once you set up the inverter you can use all types of electrical devices like power tools or a blender(why not?).


Buying the bigger inverter gives you the ability for your imagination go wild!  You could buy around 20 strings of light and could use any outdoor elaborate Christmas decoration on your car!  That 4 feet light up reindeer can now be a showpiece on the top of your car!

christmas lights_29

Here is a YouTube video of how to set up an inverter in your car, but we recommend asking someone who works with cars to install it for you, Like our Jim Shorkey Master Technicians!

Here are some WARNINGS to remember.

  • This is 110v AC household current. It will harm or even kill you if not handled properly. Be safe!
  • Set up your lights inside or in dry weather. Water and electricity don’t mix so be safe when hooking everything up.  To be safe if you are expecting a real wet day remove all the lights.
  • Keep children away from the wiring to avoid any shock hazard.
  • Check your local ordinance if you are allowed to do this. In some areas authorities will think the lights are too distracting to other drivers.

Enter a caption

There you have it.  This is a way to make your Christmas a little bit brighter (literally).  Trust us, you will be the talk of the town!



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