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Get Your Jim Shorkey Vehicle Fall Ready with These 5 Tips


Fall is only a week away, and before we know it, so is the iffy weather. Driving safely during the Pittsburgh fall months requires more than just the cautious driver. Your car needs a little TLC.

Here are practical tips to help get your Jim Shorkey vehicle ready for the season ahead.

Check the brakes and tires

Unpredictable weather, road conditions, and other road hazards require good stopping power. That means you’ll need good brakes and tires. Also check the tire pressure, as tire pressure drops when the outside temperatures plummet. Keep the pressure at levels recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Need new tires? We’ve got you covered. Click here to navigate to our parts and service page.

Check the lights

Walk around the outside of the car and check the operation of all lights: headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights and emergency flashers. Replace all broken bulbs and those that have stopped working. Make sure all lights are clean.

Replace wiper blades

The purpose of wiper blades is to clear the windshield. Cracked or worn blades just wont do it. Check the blade’s rubber to ensure it is flexible and operate the wipers to see that the blades clear the glass. Order your new wiper blades here!

Check heater/defroster

We all know Pittsburgh autumn mornings can be quite brisk. And driving with an improperly working heater isn’t fun or safe. Check front and rear window defrosters to ensure proper working condition. If necessary, have heater and defroster systems repaired.

Get a good car wash/detail.

It may sound crazy, spiffing up your car with an extra-special wash or even a detail, but when your vehicle is clean, it’s easier to spot any potential problems. Jim Shorkey has an amazing detail shop, call our service department for more information!


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